How-to Snippets

Apply windowing to event log using Rx (Reactive) and Tx (LINQ to Events)
Read event log file (evtx) with Tx (LINQ to Events)
17/12/2017 C# c#lingevtxevent logtx
Merge master into branch:
09/07/2017 Git gitbranchmergerebase
Create IAM policy to allow putting custom metric data to CloudWatch
Put memory used as custom CloudWatch metric data
12/02/2017 AWS/CloudWatch awscloudwatchmemoryusedcustommetricdata
Get instance ID of current instance from bash
12/02/2017 AWS/Metadata awsmetadatainstance-idcurrentbash
Undo last git commit, leaving local changes:
09/01/2017 Git gitcommitundolastreset
Example on using daemonize module in Python
09/10/2016 Python pythondaemondaemonize
Example on using python-daemon
09/10/2016 Python pythondaemonpython-daemon
Using GStreamer with uridecodebin and audio filter as internet radio player
Using GStreamer with playbin and sink as internet radio player
Using GStreamer with playbin and audio filter as internet radio player
Example on using `plac` for argument parsing in Python
08/10/2016 Python pythonargsparsing
JavaScript: Get constructor's name
14/05/2016 JavaScript javascriptobjectconstructor
Insert object in MongoDB database with node.js
13/05/2016 MongoDB mongodbnode.jsinsertobject
Start MongoDB as Win32 process
13/05/2016 MongoDB mongodbwindowsstartwin32
Create virtual environment in Anaconda
Create shortcut that executes a script via Git bash
28/02/2016 Git gitbashshortcutscript
Add values to object map
28/02/2016 JavaScript javascriptobjectmapconfig
Read XML file with namespaces in C#
27/02/2016 C# c#lingxmlnamespace
Read XML file with LINQ to XML in C#
27/02/2016 C# c#lingxml
Specify instance name in connectiong string (MSSQL)
27/02/2016 MSSQL mssqlsqlconnection string
Get list of all git branches:
21/02/2016 Git gitbranch
Remove empty lines with PowerShell
21/02/2016 PowerShell powershelluniquewindows
Sort text numerically with PowerShell
21/02/2016 PowerShell powershellsortwindows
Get name of current branch
17/02/2016 Git gitbranch
Create new branch from specific commit (hash):
17/02/2016 Git gitbranchcommithash
Get hash of last commit command
17/02/2016 Git gitcommithash
Get reference to new element added with jQuery.append()
13/02/2016 jQuery jqueryjavascripthtml
Install ffmpeg under Windows 10 with MSYS2 and MINGW64
07/02/2016 ffmpeg ffmpegmsys2mingw64windows
Extract part of PBF file (Open Street Map binary data)
16/01/2016 GIS osmosispbfextract
Install conveyal GTFS editor.
16/01/2016 GIS gtfseditorconveyal
Extract bus stops and routes with and Overpass API.
Install Open Trip Planner 0.18.x under Debian 7.6
Install Open Trip Planner 0.11.x under Debian 7.4
Install Oracle Java 1.8.0/8.0 under Debian 7
16/01/2016 Java javaoracledebianubuntu
Create sinusoid signal and store to wave file
10/01/2016 Python/NumPy pythonnumpydsp
Rename directory of project that is using virtualenv
08/11/2015 Python virtualenvpython
Use virtualenv to create isolated Python environments
08/11/2015 Python virtualenvpython
Markdown Cheatsheet
08/11/2015 Markdown markdown